Is Working for Yourself Really the Key to Freedom?

Let me cut straight to the chase on this subject folks:I believe that working for yourself is not only the key to freedom but the only way to real freedom.Let me explain where I am coming from on this:Even if you love your job, earn buckets of money and wouldn’t want to work for yourself, being an employee means you will never have true freedom.Here’s why:You are always dancing to someone else’s tune. Someone else dictates when and how long you work, what hours you are free for your family, how many days holiday you can have, and so on. That isn’t real freedom.So, if being employed isn’t the route to real freedom, is working for yourself?Well, as I have already indicated the answer for me is a huge yes. Working for yourself gives you the opportunity to have real freedom because you call the shots. You get to set things up exactly the way they suit you – work and lifestyle on your terms – real freedom.Now, whether folks who work for themselves actually turn being self employed into true freedom is a different matter altogether.So what is the reality?Whilst working for yourself can, and should, be the route to real freedom the sad reality is that many people are peddling the hamster wheel of work life as fast and as hard as their employed counterparts.Why is this?The reasons for this can be many and complex. However, there is a common theme in many cases – the business owner isn’t behaving, acting or operating in the way that successful business owners do. The point is this:If you are working for yourself and you don’t have the Business Success and Lifestyle Freedom you want there is only one reason – YOU!Sound harsh? Maybe it is. But remember this:It is you who have created how your business operates and performs. If it isn’t delivering what you want, it is up to you to make change so that it does.So, I invite you to take a step back and take an audit of that is really going on for you if you feel like a slave to your business.What can you do to ensure you are on the path to making your work life give you the freedom you really want?Remember, as a self employed person you have the key to freedom in your hand. Use it wisely.